Travel Advice

Airports and flights

. Kilimanjaro International Airport, for safaris in the northern and western circuits and for trekking trips. The flight can be via Nairobi.
. Dar es salaam International Airport, for safaris in the northern circuit and for trips to Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.
. Zanzibar international Airport for beach holidays in Zanzibar and Pemba.
Some international airlines allow multiple cities bookings, like landing at Kilimanjaro and departing from Dar es salaam.
There is also a small airport in the town of Arusha –departure point for the safaris in the northern circuit - with daily domestic flights to the bush (north, south and west) and to Dar and Zanzibar (connecting with Pemba and Mafia).
There is a good network of flights by light aircraft between the different areas. These flights have a restriction of luggage, ask when booking.

Passport and visa

Your passport should have a minimum validity of six months. The Visa for Tanzania can be obtained on arrival at the airport at 50 US dollars or Euros for any nationality.


The Yellow fever vaccination is no longer required if you are flying directly from Europe. Please check for flights arriving from other destinations.
It is very important that you take anti malaria prophylactics prior to your arrival. Your nearest Tropical Diseases Hospital or Information Bureau will be able to supply with the most current information regarding the best treatment. It is also recommended to have the typhoid and tetanus vaccinations.
Always use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Other food hygiene precautions should be strictly observed, like not eating from street stalls.

Travel insurance

A good travel insurance is a must, covering evacuation, hospitalisation and travel cancellation charges.
We can offer Flying Doctors insurance –AMREF- for medical air evacuation to Nairobi, 14 days at US$15 for the northern parks of Tanzania and US$30 for other areas.

Airport Departure Tax

It’s usually included in the international air tickets except sometimes when leaving the country from Zanzibar, please check when buying your flight.


Allowance of cigarettes is 200, 50 cigars and 1 litre bottle of spirits. The export of flora and fauna is extract forbidden.

Cash and currency

Tanzania’s currency is the “Tanzanian shilling” and for tourist services the US dollar. The exchange rate in about 1,330=1 US$. It is very easy to exchange US$ and Euros at any Bureau de Change. The notes for US$ have to be newer than the year 2000 and in good condition, and 100 and 50 notes have better exchange rate than smaller denominations.
Travellers cheques can also be cashed but at a lower exchange rate. Credit cards are not very much accepted. In major towns it’s possible to obtain Tanzanian shillings with the credit card at the bank’s ATM.


Keep an eye on your valuables, as you would do when visiting any metropolitan city. Be discreet with cash and don’t travel with jewellery. When staying at a hotel leave your original documents and cash in the safe box. In town don’t walk out of the hotel on foot at night, take a taxi (except in Stone Town Zanzibar) and don’t walk on dark and deserted streets. Avoid the beaches in town areas.



Visitors to Tanzania are expected to show due respect to the State, it’s officials and people. This includes not taking photographs of the State House, airports, military installations, government offices and officials. If you wish to photograph local people ask for permission. It is strictly prohibited to trade in or accumulate any wildlife products.

Clothing and behaviour

On safari you will need comfortable shoes, light colour cotton clothes, something warmer for the evenings, long sleeves and trousers for the mosquitoes and always bring a hat.
Please remember that in the coastal areas the majority of the population is Muslim, who very much appreciate that visitors respect their customs in terms of clothing (shoulders and legs covered) and discreet behaviour. Topless is not allowed.



220 volts AC 50Hz.. The most common plugs are English style with three pins although it is possible to plug in European two pins.



The international code to call Tanzania is 255. To make an international call from Tanzania you need to dial “000” or “+” then the country code. There are several mobile companies with broad coverage throughout the country. Some hotels provide internet services.
You will probably have lots of questions about a holiday in Tanzania, feel free to ask them as we will be very happy to provide you with all the information you need.


African Amazing Adventures pone a su disposición su amplio conocimiento y larga experiencia en Tanzania para diseñar el viaje que más se ajuste a su idea personal de lujo, optimizando su tiempo y presupuesto y sugiriendo siempre el lugar adecuado en cada estación. Usted sólo tendrá que disfrutar del viaje y de este maravilloso país.

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